Author Guidelines

  1. The accepted manuscript is written in Indonesian, except for the title and abstract written in English and Indonesian.
  2. The title of the manuscript consists of a maximum of 16 words and must describe the contents of the manuscript.
  3. The author's name is written below the title, followed by the author's member name, affiliation, and the first author's email address or corresponding author's email address.
  4. The abstract is written in a narrative manner in one paragraph consisting of objectives/targets, methods, research results and conclusions. Abstract no more than 250 words.
  5. Keywords consist of at least three important and specific words/phrases that describe the content of the manuscript.
  6. The manuscript consists of five main sections, namely: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Recommendations (if any), and Bibliography.
  7. Minimum script length of 7 pages (3000 words) and maximum 15 pages (maximum 7000 words), written in Times New Roman 11 font, A4 paper size, margins: top 3 cm, left 3 cm, right 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, two columns (except abstract), left and right aligned, one space.
  8. The APA model is used as a reference in citations, references, and writing formats. It is recommended to use reference applications such as Mendely, Zotero, etc.
  9. Reference articles made in journals or non-journals are taken from references in the last 10 years. 
  10. The manuscript is written according to a template that can be downloaded on the website of the Journal of Mathematics Education Principles (
  11. Manuscripts are written using Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx or .rtf), and submitted through the website of the Journal of Mathematics Education Principles (
  12. All information and decisions for the submitted manuscript can be seen on the website of the Journal of Mathematics Education Principles and the author's email (both the email listed on the manuscript and the email used in the submission).
  13. If you have any questions to ask, please contact
  14. Click the following icon to download the article template